Social media management

This amazing time saving service includes Colour Me Social - in consultation with you - creating, organizing, posting and engaging with your social media customized and branded content.  It will also include blog links, vlogs links, and/or links to point of sale if applicable.  This will work to ensure that your valuable and growing fan base becomes and remains fully engaged with your business and its brand voice.

Social media strategy

After spending quality information gathering time with you, we will create a customized 12 Month Social Media Strategy that will show how you can successfully launch and implement a powerful social media campaign with definite goals and plans for achieving those goals.  This will include a calendar with timings for such things as specific promotions and seasonal occasions.

Social media analytics

We can perform both a pre-strategy market analysis and a post-campaign analysis of your social media content. 

The in-depth social media market analysis ascertains what is required for a successful campaign by examining what is already being done in an around your business both successfully and unsuccessfully and then the post-campaign analysis is a detailed examination of what worked specifically in your world.